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Cake Spouses Unite

I don’t know how I received this title or if I even deserve it, but I have been told several times that I am a “good cake husband”.

Every time I hear that phrase, I think of a husband that is made out of cake. An extreme cake that walks around and talks. I have the same thought when my wife refers to her cake decorating friends as her “cake friends”.

But back to me being titled a good cake husband. I have been married to a cake decorator for 12 years and I feel like I have some good advice that I could give to those who are less experienced than I am.

Is your spouse crazy? Not crazy as in throwing your golf clubs out on the front lawn while she’s screaming at you crazy, but crazy as in waking up at 2 in the morning to her hovering over you with a rolling pin, cake batter smeared on her apron, blood shot eyes, and asking you to go buy some powdered sugar crazy. Well if she (or he) is that kind of crazy then it’s important to know that you are not alone.

But there are supposedly many benefits to having a crazy cake decorator for a spouse. For example, after they have slaved away all week long on a cake, think of all the tens and. . . tens of dollars that she/he made. I mean really after you take out the cost of materials and factor in the amount of hours put into it, she/he is probably making more per hour than most kids working in sweat shops in China.

Plus think of all the freshly baked, glorious cake you will get to. . . smell. Don’t you just love it when your wife has just finished her cakes for the weekend, and you’re delivering the last cake and someone utters the statement, “I bet you get to eat a lot of cake!” With me it’s always followed up by the question, “How do you stay so skinny?”

I have yet to come up with a polite and funny way to say, “It’s because she makes cakes for other people and NOT FOR ME!!! But there are cake scraps. Oh how I love cake scraps. But those yummy cake scraps are either reserved for cake pops or fed to the ravenous children who probably only had cheerios for lunch because Mom was too busy baking all day.

There is a good chance that somewhere along the process your crazy cake spouse just might snap at you. Your initial reaction might be to snap back, but just remember that she/he is under a lot of stress. They have probably been working on the cake for 12 hours straight and only have 2 hours until the cake needs to be delivered with at least 8 hours of work left to do. Just a piece of friendly advice. There are two sentences that should never be uttered at this time… first, “YOU chose to make cakes for a living, not me.” and the other is, “I wish you would stop making cakes.” I’m speaking from experience. This will not end well.

And don’t even get me started on delivering the cake. Let’s face it, unless you know how to drive all the way to the venue without turning, using the brake, or going faster than 25 miles per hour, you are most likely going to be threatened with your life by a crazed, and sleep deprived spouse who somehow thinks that you are driving the Autobahn with reckless abandon.

But in all seriousness, the more calm and supportive you can be throughout the whole process, the less stressful the process will be. Keep in mind that this is just as much a passion of theirs as it is a job. And believe it or not it’s a lot of fun helping the world see how amazingly talented our spouses are

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