She Said Yes!

she said yes

she said yes


With the holidays officially over, there are a number of newly engaged couples browsing for wedding ideas online. I have been looking at the wedding trends for 2014, and I am excited!

The Huffington Post shared the 14 hottest wedding trends for 2014 , ( )

A few that stuck out to me were:

1. Pink is back (though I was unaware it left ;) – in the nude, blushing and peach

2. The return to romance (think The Great Gatsby) lace and trellis-patterns

3. This year the cakes will shine… from fairy dustings to fine glitter or disco ball sparkle

4. Cake flavors are being strongly influenced by the seasons. Rich chocolates and caramels in the winter, to light and airy lemon cakes in the summer.

So let out your inner romantic while planning your 2014 wedding

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