Sweets for your sweet…?

The big “V-word” is coming up… thats right, VALENTINE’s Day is fast approaching. My husband and I aren’t really big Valentine’s day celebrators, so it usually goes by like any other day. But this year is different…

This year our oldest son will be having his very first school Valentine’s Party. So you better believe we will be making a big deal of Valentine’s Day this year. The only question is…. what should I make??? For his first school trip it was sugar cookie apples (for the orchard); halloween was Frankenstein marshmallow pops; christmas was giant chocolate chip cookies for everyone to take home, plus a giant cake pop, chocolate chip and shortbread cookie basket… (I hope the other moms don’t label me as the overachiever mom… ) What next…? Maybe I’ll send in a cupcake pull apart cake for their party. And some homemade chocolate truffles to take home… and maybe… ya, they are definitely labelling me the over achiever mom. Oh well :)

Maybe I’ll take the opportunity here and make my very first tutorial to share with the world… or at least my little corner of the world (even if it is just me most of the time – its my corner)

Here’s a look at what came out of my kitchen this week:

"ten little toes, one little bum, look out mama, here I come"

“ten little toes, one little bum, look out mama, here I come”

rainbow polka dots, inside and out

rainbow polka dots, inside and out

Stay Sweet!! xo

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