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When you begin planning your big day, its hard to comprehend just how much everything does in fact cost. Budgets are created and ways to save often becomes the theme. I watched a segment from a morning show the other day on wedding trends for 2014. A comment that was made really didn’t sit well with me. They showed a clip from “Father of the Bride” where they were looking at a wedding cake portfolio and he commented on the price being too high for just flour and water. The host laughed but then agreed to which the “wedding expert” said there is cheaper cakes out there.

Now, I like to pride my self in being able to create something beautiful for any budget. But I assure you, anything that comes out of my kitchen is NOT just flour and water. Before the baking even begins, there is time spent discussing back and forth with the couple, looking at different options, pricing and designing the perfect cake to compliment the venue, theme and couple themselves. There is also the taste consultation with the bride and groom to decide what cake flavors or desserts are perfect. Prep work leading up to the cake includes custom modelling, sugar flowers, preparing the cake supports and boards. Then there is all the icings, fillings, colors and ingredients to prep. I personally bake all of my desserts from scratch and fresh for the event. I use fresh and high quality ingredients to ensure the best possible taste.

Once the baking is done, cake has been levelled, filled, iced, covered in fondant and stacked, the decorating can begin. The time spent here varies greatly depending on the cake design. Sometimes most of the time consuming work is done before hand with the creation of sugar flowers or modelling. However, a lot of decorating cannot be done until the cake is covered and stacked, and can take hours of uninterrupted time. Once the cake has been decorated photographed and prepared for delivery, were still not quite done. There is still the ever stressful delivery to get through, plus set up at your venue.  And last, but certainly not least, kitchen clean up.

Most cake designers and bakers have a genuine love for what they do and take great pride in their work. They also, more often than not, undercharge for their time, tools, materials and talent.

Most cake artists are willing to design something for you that fits your budget. Its important to be upfront about it if you have a specific price range you are looking for. There are a number of money-saving articles out there that suggest ways to save on your cake, but they are often misguiding. This is an article that sheds some truthful light onto a number of these topics:


There are many new options for weddings today, that can fit any budget. And if you find a design online that you love, but it doesn’t fit your price range, or work for your guest list, allow your cake designer to use it for inspiration to create something that does. Have faith in them, because their is no greater feeling of pride, joy and accomplishment than creating an incredible cake that receives rave reviews

making memorable moments a little sweeter

making memorable moments a little sweeter

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